The conference will cover the following discussing themes:

Discussion Themes
Financial Inclusion & Development of  Payment Systems & Infrastructure -
The Payment system Vision Document: 2012-15 of RBI envisages to proactively encourage electronic payment systems for ushering in a less-cash society in India. The conference will highlight on the role of Payment Systems as a catalyst on the supply side of financial inclusion.
Financial Inclusion & G2P Payments Infrastructure & Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) -
DBT has been called a game-changer. The conference will debate on the intent and implementation of DBT and other G2P Payments.
Technology in Banking: Changing Paradigm -
The FIPS 2013 conference will focus on the role of technology in bringing a complete paradigm shift in the functioning of banks and delivery of banking services.
Agency Banking  Framework -
The agency banking model involves a process where retail outlets are contracted by a financial institution or mobile network operator to process clients’ transactions.
Payment Systems Framework -
The conference will discuss on different approaches towards delivery of payment services to the unbanked and under-banked customers using innovative methods.
How to manage with less Cash -
This theme addresses the issue of Indian payments industry to scale up and become more vibrant to manage with less cash.
Remittances: Mobile Financial Services -
The conference will carry out the essential debate in laying the groundwork for the development of remittance services.
Payment Channels -
The conference will disucss on innovations payment services, such as, special bank accounts or pre-paid accounts.
Cash Management -
The conference will address the challenge for any commercial enterprise, that its core competency is not managing cash but running business.
Prepaid cards -
There will be a discussion over the prepaid payment instruments (PPIs). PPI while being a new product was also thought of as a substitute for paper/ cash.
Political Dialogue -
This theme will try to bring a Political Consensus for financial inclusion and the way it could be expanded in India.
Banking without Boundaries -
The session on this particular issue will discuss the era of banking without boundaries.The recent financial crisis has redefined the broad contours of regulation of the banking sector globally.
Financial Inclusion leading to Deepening -
The session on this issue will discuss on the improvements in rural infrastructure in terms of enhancing productivity of physical resources in the rural areas and greater addition in agriculture.
Other Financial Services -
The conference will discuss on the importance of other financial services in enhancing Financial Inclusion.
MFIs as New Avatars -
Microfinance has occupied centre stage as a promising conduit for extending financial services to unbanked sections of population.
NBFC Challenges -
The conference will throw light on challanges and opportunities for NBFCs in India.
Agriculture & Delivery of Financial Services -
The Government of India places high priority on reducing poverty by raising agricultural productivity. The conference will focus on challenges in agriculture and delivery of financial services.
Identity Management & Food Security -
The Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) in India is intended to provide food grains & essential commodities at subsidised prices to the poor. The conference will focus on ensuring food security.
Banking the Women -
The Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of the Bharatiya Mahila Bank. The conference will highlight many such initiatives that are playing role of a catalyst in bringing Indian women in the purview of banking.
FI & New Banking Licenses -
The conference will discuss prospective contribution of new bank licenses by RBI in expanding financial inclusion.
e-Commerce & Finance Deepening -
The conference will highlisgt on the role of e-commerce and Financial deepening in reducing risk and vulnerability for disadvantaged groups.
Aadhaar & other Prepaid Cards -
A session on Aadhaar will touch upon the Aadhaar-enabled unified payment infrastructure, direct transfer of subsidies (DTS) and electronic benefit transfer (EBT).