Main Conference

Financial Inclusion and Payment Systems Conference will be a landmark event, scheduled to take place on 24-25 October, 2013. With a broader approach and explicitly defined sessions and the top participants, the Global FIPS Conference will be a unique opportunity to engage with a broad range of players in financial inclusion and payment systems space. The Conference will witness a collaborative environment among the top stakeholders, where the relevant issues will be addressed, and the road map to achieve 100 % Financial Inclusion will be put.

FIPS 2013 will take into account the very essence of inclusive growth, thereby highlighting on the achievements, shortcomings and challenges on our way to overcome.

Understanding FIPS- A Global Perspective

Achieving full financial inclusion at the intersection of social benefit and economic sustainability is at the heart of Financial Inclusion & Payment Systems, Event.

Affordable financial services have become an increasing priority and possibility worldwide. As we enter the second decade of the century, the required condition for meeting this objective seems approachable. Financial inclusion aims at benefiting the world’s poor, the vast majority of whom do not use formal financial services of the sort provided by banks, insurers, or microfinance institutions (MFIs). Over the past 30 years, MFIs have demonstrated not only that the working poor want and need formal financial services but also that they can afford them. Consequently, MFIs and other commercial organizations have been expanding these services at an accelerating pace, and recent developments suggest that full financial inclusion is within reach.

Contemplating on these very points made us realize that today exists a dire need for a platform, where national and international financial inclusion and payment systems stakeholders can meet and discuss on the factors that can result in a 100% achievement of financial inclusion worldwide.

FIPS 2013 is a discussion platform whose focus will be laid at understanding the Best Practices Worldwide and implementing them to achieve our goal of 100% Financial inclusion throughout the world. The Forum will create a dynamic opportunity for networking at a global dais.

Road-map towards Inclusive Growth

As per Census 2011, 58.7% households are availing banking services in the country. There are 102,343 branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) in the country, out of which 37,953 (37%) bank branches are in the rural areas and 27,219 (26%) in semi-urban areas, constituting 63 per cent of the total numbers of branches in semi-urban and rural areas of the country. However, a significant proportion of the households, especially in rural areas, are still outside the formal fold of the banking system. To extend the reach of banking to those outside the formal banking system, Government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are taking various initiatives from time to time.

The initiatives of the Government and those taken at the international grounds in line with achieving the goal of 100% Financial Inclusion will be discussed in detail. Key opportunities and obstacles to financial inclusion will be addressed in the Event.
The Road-map pointers will include-
• Vision of Financial Inclusion world-wide
• Actionables that can be implemented in line with the goal of 100% Financial Inclusion
• A Research Agenda, that needs to be acted upon in the near future

From Millions to Billions, the strength of Financial Included population world-wide is rapidly increasing.